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Anyone sticking around for the next saga?

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Is anyone going to remain with the series and the next saga after kh3, or leave after finishing the xehanort saga? While im sure there are plenty of fans who still love the franchise despite some of nomura's decisions, i have a feeling there are some fans who are sticking around because they want to see how the saga ends and leave the franchise afterwords. I myself may or may not decide to leave the series after the xehanort saga, depending on how much i like kh3. So is anyone sticking around for the next saga, or jumping ship after kh3? Will the quality of kh3 affect your decision?

I'm unsure. I want to see how KH3 goes first. Then I'll have to wait to see what the next saga will look like. As of right now, I'm kind of planning on it. We'll see!!!

Honestly, even if KH3 turns out bad, I'd love to see what Nomura comes up with given a clean slate, not being tied down the a complicated story he already set up so there is no way I'm not sticking around for the next saga ^_^

I'll always be keeping an eye on things, just like I did with every game after II. I'll only be able to play the games if they come for the PS4. Unless I become rich and buy every console.

Otherwise I will simply Youtube the games just like I did with every game after II.

Let's hope the next saga is kept on one console.

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Definitely going to be sticking around. Obviously my actual interest would be completely dependent on how Nomura, SE, and Disney approach the next saga, but I've stuck around ten years. I probably won't leave after KH3 is all said and done.

I haven't even thought about the next saga since KH3 seems like it won't be out until 2015 (estimate, since he promised a KH game every year; this year its KH 1.5, next year its KH 2.5, and that will lead up to KH3 in 2015 IMO).

100 years from now if we get into the next saga, I will simply play the first game in it and see if I like the direction its going.

However, tbh Xehanort makes this series to me. I love him as a villain, in all of his incarnations. I can't see KH being as great without him.

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Probably stick around to see how it plays out while being cynical of whats its become despite liking it enough to try it.

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@Carey wrote:Probably stick around to see how it plays out while being cynical of whats its become despite liking it enough to try it.

agreed. I would love to see all the keybladers is a dual battle that'll be a good thing for the next saga game.

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