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Mass Effect 3

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#1 Mass Effect 3 on 2012-10-24, 21:50

Anyone get it yet? I have it preordered but release date delivery wasn't an option, so I paid for one day delivery and Amazon expected it to be here today, but mail came and went already >.> so now I'm salivating over reviews and trying to not spoil anything for myself.

#2 Re: Mass Effect 3 on 2012-10-25, 03:17

I'm not gonna be able to pick it up until Friday hopefully... I'm going through the ME games again (I'll never play ME1 again...) I'm kind of mad because I thought I had a full save file for my male Shepard... but I don't. So I'm only gonna have one for my Renegade femShep... Smh... Well at least there's more lesbian options.

#3 Re: Mass Effect 3 on 2012-10-25, 12:30

Mine just arrived and I'm about to have no life for the rest of the week. Too bad about your saves, I had 4 that I wanted to import for ME3 but reformatted my PC a few months ago, didn't want to play through them all again so I only did ME2 to make sure I ended relations with Ashley and sexed Miranda. But of course, it comes with all the default bull that Udina is the human ambassador and I killed the council and Wrex died

#4 Re: Mass Effect 3 on 2012-10-25, 13:22

Lord Terra
I would buy it, but I already have four games(so far) lined up this month so yeah its gonna be a while before I play ME3. Till then I can think it over and pray that BioWare redeemed itself after releasing Dragon Age 2.

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