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3 Ways KH 1.5 Remix Can Be Perfect

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#1 3 Ways KH 1.5 Remix Can Be Perfect on 2012-10-21, 18:40

(WARNING: This contains opinions that I know are going to be hard to swallow. I recommend you leave at the first overdose of strong dissaproval you may have. Criticism and other opinions are welcome, but those who choose to be dicks will be burned. HARD.)

I'm not mad or anything, I just tried to throw in some angry humor. lol. You don't have to take it seriously...

Now that we are back on track, let's focus:

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix, a compilation of KH1FM, KH Re;COM, and some cutscenes from Days all in stunning HD, is coming sometime in the future...I don't have to tell you how excited we all are (or most of us anyway) to get our hands on it. This is a KH fansite after all. However, despite the 411 on the little tweaks that will be applied to the HD titles, like KH1FM getting the DDD models for Sora, Riku, and Ansem, as well as having some commands changed to fit KH2 standards....there's still some things that have been speculated or have at least been thought up that might be tweaked in the game, too. If you can't already tell, I myself have 3. I'm sure you guys have 3 or even more than 3, and you do, feel free to post them below. All ideas are welcome. Now, for my thoughts:
KH1FM: New Dub Tracks For Sora (Really, if we're gonna have deep voiced Sora in COM, why not even things up with a deep voice one for KH1FM. No, I don't care about nostalgia. I really don't at this point. Really, when you think about it, it'd be an improvement, cuz let's be honest here: 14 year olds don't sound like that. Re:COM Sora actually makes sense. KH1 Sora sounds like his balls haven't dropped yet....which they should have.)

KH Re:COM: Redo The Dialouge At The Beginning Of 100 Acre Wood (A nitpick, but still wanted. Really, its a plot-hole Remember when Sora and Pooh actually called each other by their names before they even introduced themselves? Yep. That should be fixed. It's microscopic, but really, the dialouge in this game is mostly text, so a little re-coding on that doesn't seem like such of a pain in the ass to me. If it is, then I'm sorry. I'm just trying to help here.)

KH1FM: Make Xemnas' Text Readable To English Viewers (It's not like we don't know what he's gonna say. We do. We've known for years, and quite frankly, I think it would enhance the experience. Maybe it'd even hype people up for the next Remix. Who know?)

I don't mind about the voice, tbh I'll be more than happy just to finally get to play COM (PAL region, got no remake).
Even if they didn't include the days cutscenes or FM content, I would still get it just to play COM, it's the only one i'm missing in terms of story (have BBS, KH1, Days, Kh2, coded, 3D)
I know what happened in it from reading summaries ages ago when I first got into the series, but I want to play through it myself ):

Site Staff
In the English version, all text will be English. All voice acting will be in English.

There's nothing there to suggest the English version will have Japanese voice acting or Japanese text.

1) See, I'd prefer having Sora's old voice. Those final mix cutscenes already have his english voice (not sure why...), so I'd just personally like the nostalgia of Sora's squeaky, high-pitched kh1 voice that we only have for that first game, and that we'll never hear again in the future.

2) Hm, that's interesting, but you could easily argue that Sora just happened to still remember Pooh for some reason at this point, probably because it was such a small and unimportant memory that it was probably initially looked over in the memory-erasing process (I mean, they seem to forget Hollow Bastion pretty soon despite all of the significant things that happened then, so I think some of the more important memories might have went first). And of course, if Sora still remembered Pooh, Pooh would react and remember Sora the way Leon and co. did as well as Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie did in Destiny Islands.

3) YES.

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