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Hello~ ^w^

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#1 Hello~ ^w^ on 2012-09-16, 16:15

Paranoia God

Hiya~ feel free to call me "Para-chan" or "Noia", that's what my friends like to call me. :3
BEFORE I DECAY is my twin sister irl, so you better be nice to her! > 3<
I like Anime, Manga, and I'm a gamer (obviously lol)
I've been doing GFX for nearly 7 years now.. ehh. As you can see I'm not good with introductions.. so I'm just going to end it here. ^^;
I hate making an introduction thread.. -shrugs-

#2 Re: Hello~ ^w^ on 2012-09-16, 16:16

L'arc en ciel
Welcome Para-chan~! ^0^ So glad you could join us!
We love graphics in this forum so you all shall fit right in ;3

PM the staff for any questions, and have fun! 👏

#3 Re: Hello~ ^w^ on 2012-09-16, 16:18

gfx team
Omg more graphic designers sweet! Welcome to the forums and I would to see some of your designs. I'm plas nice to meet ya

#4 Re: Hello~ ^w^ on 2012-09-16, 16:28

So good for you to join us! Remember it's all about having fun.


#5 Re: Hello~ ^w^ on 2012-09-16, 16:43

Paranoia God

@L'arc en ciel: Thank you! OMG I LOVE YOUR NAME O: L'arc~en~ciel is so amazing! <3

@Plasmos: If you would like to see my art you should check out my DeviantArt page, it's full of Visual Kei artist though. This is my page: http://paranoiagod69.deviantart.com/

@lilum': Thanks! ^ ^

#6 Re: Hello~ ^w^ on 2012-09-16, 21:23

welcome to us! you'll enjoy us, we're friendly. :P

#7 Re: Hello~ ^w^ on 2012-09-17, 03:33

gfx team
Oh you have a deviant art page? Nice. as the others said; 'welcome'

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