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Is KH Coded/Re:Coded the Worst KH?

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#1 Is KH Coded/Re:Coded the Worst KH? on 2012-09-14, 10:47

I totally overpaid for this game and was able to get it 100% complete in under 60 Hours. I was furious that it only took me 18 hours to beat the story. The only thing i liked about this game was that it introduced me to the command battle system(didnt have Psp) and that it had different battle modes(turn based and where ur runnin in Wonderland). I also liked that u had a free roam mode. i hated not having that in days.

I'm not saying that this game is bad i'm just saying that it wasnt really necessary to make a full game for them to tell u that Xehanort was alive again and that Sora had to save the other main characters. They could've just put that towords the beginning of the next one. I hope DDD doesnt turn out to be like this.

tutti frutti. I hated it. Though I did try to look at the fact that the original version was off of a cell phone, but I still couldn't give it a pass rating. The key points should have been put into other games. But to me, KH Coded/Re:Coded is the worst game of the series.

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Nope, I loved that game.
Days takes the crown for worst KH game in my book.

I don't think it was theeeee worst per say sure maybe there could have been extra boss levels to make the game challenging or the secret ending to be more unexpected then "meh". lol but it was good to me imo.

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