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Aileen Quinn OCC/SU

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#1 Aileen Quinn OCC/SU on 2012-09-09, 11:51

Name: Aileen Quinn
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: June, 21st; 1995
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupation: Student
House: Slytherin
Residence: a Villa outside of Dublin, Ireland; Hogwarts
Desire: To keep her cozy little life of luxuries
Fear: To loose everything
Representation of your Roleplay Character:
Non/Disney: Zatanna
Live action: Megan Fox (Jennifer's Body)

Charms ,Arithmacy and Ancients Runes I excel at

Like most students I find History of Magic to be a bore and hard to focus on, as well as Divination. Don't even get me started on Muggle Studies

Wand / Magical Items:
Ten inches, Hawthorn and Unicorn Hair core

Aileen is as cunning as a fox, using her intellect to act whatever role needed to get what she wants. Being raised in a wealthy pureblood family has taught her that one only associates with those in which to gain from. Enjoying the life of luxury, and learning this lesson, she is willing to be with those so long as it benefits her and do her parents bidding in exchange for whatever she seeks. As well as remaining within the family. She does not wish to loose the things she possess simply because she spoke to the wrong person who showed a little rebellion.

Aileen can be kind if it suits her, and towards the few true friends she has. Most people she is with is only for gain. Upon those who give her nothing she wants or are 'inferior breeding' (mudbloods and halfbloods) she can be a bit nasty at most, and at least indifferent and ignore them. Deep inside, Aileen knows not how she really feels or thinks about things. There is only what her parents believe that she has been taught. She believes herself to be a puppet. But she accepts this life.

Aileen stands at 5'7" a little a bov average of her age group but not quite tall. She has long raven black hair that goes down to the middle of her back and sky blue eyes. Her complexion is pale without moles. She does however have a very noticeable scar on her right forearm that takes up most of the space. A couple inches away from wrist and a couple inches before elbow.

Aileen is the eldest child and only daughter to the Quinn pureblood family, having only a younger brother who is the heir to the family. Being born a girl, with an heir already born, she has less pressure put upon her but she also holds less value to her family. At a young age, after her brother was born, her parents began instructing her on who to associate with so she would still be of use to them.

Upon her acceptance to Hogwarts, she continued to do her parents bidding by making the right friends and connections for when her own brother would one day join the school. As well as help her parents have stronger foot holds with other pureblood families. At fourteen, they began having her seduce and date boys with exceptional backgrounds to allow access to parents that had good ministry connections. When the parents had good foot holds in, she was then ordered to dump the boys. Of course, the dating was very innocent, for she had to keep her value for when it was time to arrange a marriage. Aileen knew one day they would choose a husband for her, and she accepted that.

One relationship of hers did not go very smoothly. When she dated Sinbad Lestrange. The relationship soon took a turn for the worse when he became abusive of her. She spoke not a word of it until it because to much and her parents realized what happened. They then told her to end it. When she did, he was not too thrilled. His parting 'gift' was a slice on her arm with a dark blade, now leaving a scar.


#2 Re: Aileen Quinn OCC/SU on 2012-10-10, 13:42

Locking. Any questions or concerns, contact me.


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