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A Step Too Far Into the Darkness (OCC/SU)

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A Step Too Far Into the Darkness

Vampires, the simple mention of that word can have mixed impressions on people...some may feel scared, some may simply shake their head and walk away, and some begin to talk about pop culture. Our society however, will for the most part, not believe in their existence until they came out to the light of this modern generation. And so they did, at the first world summit for the issue of climate change a man dressed in a pure black tuxedo appeared in the middle of the round table and as bodyguards showered him with bullets the man simply shrugged it off as if it were nothing...and introduced himself as the infamous Count Dracula and began to talk about a new energy alternative, and so an alligence was formed between humans and vampires. A reactor harvesting and utilizing a new energy alternative known as ark was created in the middle of the atlantic ocean, this reactor would become a monument known as the Ark of Peace.

However, even as humans and vampires got close to coexistence the humans would make a move that would change the world. The new world council president for the human race never trusted the vampires and decided to have a powerful form of defense if the vampires ever decided to attack, and so the development of Anti-Nocturne weapons was started. This easily caused a misunderstanding and through this misunderstanding the vampires declared war on the human race. Both sides suffered a heavy death toll, so they both made a treaty of isolationism, the humans kept america and australia and the vampires, now known as Nocturnes kept Europe and Asia.

And with this both sides thought the war was over and there would no longer be any relations between humans and vampires ever again...at least...until the first half vampire, half human was born...the first Dim Light.

Currently, all dim lights are captured as newborns and put into a program to be raised as anti-nocturne soldiers. However, a few are planning to break out and see what the real world is like.


Human- No Description needed
Vampire (Nocturne)- These dwellers of the knight are impervious to bullets and sword slashes and can run at inhuman speeds, exert inhuman strength, and use special abilities but vunerable to light, garlic, and vanpirum; a substance put into most anti-nocturne bullets.
Hybrid (Dim-Light)- They possess all the strengths of vampires and none of the weaknesses but are weak to vanpirum and must take special capsules to remain a Dim-Light.


Eye Color-
Hair Color-

Accepted OCs

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