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What is the latest CD you've bought?

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#1 What is the latest CD you've bought? on 2012-06-13, 12:16

The Prince of Egypt - Music from the Original Motion Picture

"When You Believe" – 5:05
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston
"Deliver Us" – 7:16
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Ofra Haza and Eden Riegel, produced/arranged by Hans Zimmer
"The Reprimand" – 4:05
Hans Zimmer
"Following Tzipporah" – 1:01
Hans Zimmer
"All I Ever Wanted (With Queen's Reprise)" – 2:51
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Amick Byram and Linda Dee Shayne, produced/arranged by Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams
"Goodbye Brother" – 5:34
Hans Zimmer, performed by Ofra Haza
"Through Heaven's Eyes" – 3:42
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Brian Stokes Mitchell, produced/arranged by Gavin Greenaway
"The Burning Bush" – 7:18
Hans Zimmer
"Playing with the Big Boys" – 2:53
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Steve Martin and Martin Short, produced/arranged by John Powell
"Cry" – 3:50
Hans Zimmer, performed by Ofra Haza
"Rally" – 0:43
Hans Zimmer
"The Plagues" – 2:40
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Ralph Fiennes and Amick Byram, produced/arranged by Gavin Greenaway
"Death of the First Born" – 1:08
Hans Zimmer
"When You Believe" – 4:55
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky, produced/arranged by Hans Zimmer
"Red Sea" – 5:15
Hans Zimmer
"Through Heaven's Eyes" – 5:05
Stephen Schwartz, performed by K-Ci & JoJo
"River Lullaby" – 3:57
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Amy Grant
"Humanity" – 4:33
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Jessica Andrews, Clint Black, Boyz II Men, Shirley Caesar, Jesse Campbell, Charlie Daniels, Linda Davis, dc Talk, Danny Glover, Jeff Goldblum, Amy Grant, The Rickey Grundy Chorale, Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, Jars of Clay, Toby Keith, Val Kilmer, Alison Krauss, Mac McAnally, Donnie McClurkin, Brian McKnight, Helen Mirren, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Patrick Stewart, Take 6, Tyrone Tribbett and Greater Anotinting, BeBe Winans, CeCe Winans
"I Will Get There" (a cappella) – 4:21
Stephen Schwartz, performed by Boyz II Men

I saw this movie when I was a kid and immediately fell in love with it. We didn't have the movie so I had a rare chance to see it, but I found it as a DVD few years ago from the city where I used to go to school. So, by that time I was a hardcore fan of drawn animated pictures and I ha begun to love music, so when I saw the movie and listened to the soundtrack that played during the movie, I wanted to get this OST. I had to wait for a year before I stumbled upon it on one Finnish CD-store's website, and it was chead, only 6,95€ so I really had to buy it.

Now that I own the film and the soundtrack, MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! ...naw.


OG Ikonen - Mixtape

1. Edelleen OG (*)
2. OG Top Hustla m. Mies Nimeltä Hevonen (*)
3. Mafia x2 m. Eevil Stöö (Koksu Koo)
4. Chillaa m. Kube (Kube)
5. Asekosto (demo) (Eemo1 & 1005)
6. Murha m. U.A.A.U & K-Rino (Kilari Audio)
7. Mafia (demo) (OG Ikonen)
8. Mieron Tiellä (remix) m. Jodarok (DJ Polarsoul)
9. Rahaa Palaa (DJ Kridlokk)
10. Ota Iisisti (OG Ikonen)
11. R.I.P m. Ar2 (AR2)
12. Gangsta Paraati m. Tommishock & Huge-L (Huge L)
13. Ruohikossa Sihisee m. Hannibal & Soppa (6-Mäki)
14. Säätö (*)
15. Ulottuvuudesta Viis m. Liigalaiska (Sami Sayed)
16. Halu vs. Tarve (Sami Tammela)
17. Lähiöst Lähiöön m. Petos (Petos)
18. Juoppojunassa m. Mac Bueno (DJ Tatc)
19. Miten Sä Sen Haluut (demo) (*)
20. Pelkoa ja Inhoa Porttikongeissa m. Leijona, Pikkupiru & Petos (Liukas Niklas)
21. Ne Haluu Tappaa Mut (demo) (DJ Polarsoul)
22. Alaluokan Valtaa (Juan Muteniac)
23. Peltikii-sessio m. LRVJ, Tykopaatti & Savosaid (*)
24. Mässäily m. Konna & Shaka (Tupla-A)
25. Savo-Funk m. Riku & Niko Nova (Kyläpäällikkö Kosonen & OG)

Just some Finnish UG-gansta rap. I've listened to his previous album, and even though I don't own it yet, I had to buy this one because my friend played it to me and it was actually pretty good. Just some studio-shiz from the years and there's many featuring artists - one of them actually a friend of mine, and it happens to be the best track on the album, lol.


I'll just insert the other albums I've bought here as text without reviews.

Gorillaz - Gorillaz
Gorillaz - The Fall
Dream Theater - Images and Words

...and that's about it, I think. During this week I should be getting OG Ikonen's Mieron Tiellä -album, if it arrives to the record store in time. I've begun to buy CD's again just recently, but I enjoy it when there's something on my shelves than burned CD's.

How about you guys? You've got any albums or singles lately?

L'arc en ciel
Hm, I tend to usually get a couple songs at a time, and it's rare when I buy entire albums....but I believe the last albums I bought were all by Michael Bublé, haha. His voice is so smooth and addicting ❤ simply perfection! :sweatdrop:

Also, I have an undying love for Prince of Egypt. Both the movie AND soundtrack make me so emotional. I own it as well, along with a couple of Gorillaz albums. I like your taste in music! ;]

I'm all for foreign rap, so I may just check out this finnish dude...

Well, I don't really prefer any genre in general, I think every one has it's up and downs! I've listened to a lot of soundtrack- and rap-music lately, though.

You should buy albums! It's actually quite fun, especially if you find a cheap record and never heard of it before, it's always a surprise what's going to be inside!

...and they still haven't informed about the Mieron Tiellä, and it's thursday already. u.u

OG Ikonen - Mixtape

So far I am enjoying it. I use to listen to some of there songs because they reminded me of a finland gangsta lil wayne. lol

Itä-Stadi, Malminkartano ja Kivenlahti lähettivät jo aiemmin terveiset, joten Kallio lähettää kanssa! Ikoselle isoa kättä ja tahmeeta budia!

So you actually bought the album? o.o But even if you didn't, the lyrics tell pretty much about weed, drugs and crime, pretty sick yo.

// Oh wait, the mixtape doesn't include that track that you embed. IT's from the album I'm going to get soon.

The latest album that I've bought was Beyonce +4 the delux edition.

L'arc en ciel
Latest albums I bought were Maroon 5's "Overexposed", 2am Club's "What Did You Think Was Going to Happen" and the step up revolution soundtrack (which was sort of a let down :/ )

Next up will probably be Kero One's "Color Theory"

The last music I bought was actually a 12" vinyl.. which was renegades of funk compilation album. The last CD I bought was 'Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow - Brainfreeze' <- classic breaks and cuts which everyone should hear to educate themselves that little bit more :)

haven't bought any recent CD's but I did my nikki minaj pink roman album and what can I say? yea i like her and I'm very impressed with her.

L'arc en ciel
bahahaha nicki.

This doesn't really count as "bought" cuz it was free on his website, but Childish Gambino's Royalty mixtape

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