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Why wasn't Pride Lands and Jungle Book in this game?

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For Pride Lands I've heard a lot of different stories. Some say "at the time, the PS2 did not display the models of lions correctly" and others said "the game did not have enough space for Sora and Goofy to walk on four legs". How did it not have enough space, I don't get that.

Why was Jungle Book removed? Was it for similar reasons?

Anyway, at least we all know Scar was supposed to be one of the original KH Disney villains along with Maleficent, Hades, Jafar, Ursula, Captain Hook, and Oogie Boogie.

And FYI, I did not just find out about this, I've known about it since at least 2008.

I think it's most likely because the plot circled around the princesses of heart, and Jungle Book and Lion King could not offer that for the game. I mean, seriously, Nala and the girl at the ending of Jungle Book as Princesses of Heart? Naw.

Or that's what I think.

Nomura said that the tech wasn't right for the Pride Lands to get the best experience from them at the time. With Jungle Book, it might be because it would be too similar to Tarzan, world wise, that they didn't want to mess with it.

Deep Jungle was in Kingdom Hearts rather than The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book was nearly in Birth by Sleep. I guess having Scar and The Pride Lands just seemed.... odd in Kingdom Hearts.

Pride lands was dam hard to program, that's why they drop the proyect for the KH1, but nomura loves simba character, thats why it stayed just as a summon in the game, and i think the explanation of the fairy godmother was pretty convincing, it's a shame they forgot to include it in the following games.

I think nomura didn't feel as though it was time to show prides land or the keyhole for that world was already fine or sealed away.

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