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FFX::how to beat sin in last battle?

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#1 FFX::how to beat sin in last battle? on 2012-06-05, 06:00

hmm..just a little question..do you realy need to be lvl 99 or whatever strong lvl??bcus ive watched this video and in this game the players were at least the lvl of 99!!??THERE IS NO CHEAT IN THIS VIDEO
so how could that be??maybe that person wokred on it for at least a whole year or two...

heres the link WATCH IT!!:::



There's no actual levels for characters in FFX, as they use the Sphere Grid. THey've just grinded for a long time that their characters would have stats like that, and he seems to have the Celestial Weapons which are the strongest weapons in the game, breaking up the DMG limit (which is 9,999). It makes the game a lot easier and kinda kills the challenge. :/

If you've not beaten the game you shouldn't read, but what's the point if you've watched the video? x3 I'll insert spoiler tags anyway.

Anyways, the first enemy in the video is Jecht and by that point, Sin is not going to be in the boss battles anymore. The last battle is against a guy named Yu Yevon, and it's a battle that you really can't lose, the easiest boss battle in the game.

gfx team
No, the best way to beat sin is with the Summons. The Magus sisters are you best friends in this fight. They deal alot of damage, they can preety much defeat sin on their own. If the Magus sisters die, you can always fix up your sphere grid to give yuna black magic, and give lulu white magic. Holy is really effective agiast sin. Just keep pounding sin with Magus sisters, and anima.

I've beaten the game about four times, with every weapon, summon, magic and defeated ultimte weapon and maxed my sphere grid. I also beat ffx-2 with a 100 percent

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