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E3 Pre Nintendo Direct

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#1Sticky E3 Pre Nintendo Direct on 2012-06-03, 21:57

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Watch the latest Nintendo Direct, in which Global President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata,
reveals new information on Wii U.

Tonight, at 00:00, you will discover something about the future home console Nintendo license plate.

The Wii Ugamepad will be able to communicate through touch and the camera directly with the wii.
A video was also shown how the screen reacts to movements away and called asymmetric diversity in practice what happens on the screen of the controller will cause a reaction directly on the game screen of the TV it is connected to the console
It has been shown through a video in which the controller is throwing ninja stars in a cane field shown on the TV.
What also will be played on wii u can also appear in real time without lag on the tv screen.
The Wii has shown U a function of the network where they can get in touch with a chat and discuss what you're playing to ask for help and talk about games in real time.
The chat will be accessible via telephone and by U wii controller you can start a video conference with any of the users to ask for more aid, or even discuss the game.
Also at the level of social gaming, iwata has introduced the function Miiverse, where mii around the world can meet and interact about their favorite games.
With miiverse you can draw (literally) on the touch screen and send messages to any player with whom you are interacting.
Users can communicate with anyone while playing so asking for suggestions, your comments and in general share the gaming experience with their friends in all respects.
As already said, the browser Wii U will be accessible from many other platforms not necessarily nintendo.
The controller also allows to show on screen what you are watching TV with your internet browser, feature that would suggest the console even useful for presentations.
Iwata presented after the console has stated that its aim is to solve the problem of "alone together" and create a real network users can share smiles, friendship and empathy (his words).
Finally he sent him back at E3 true with regard to the 3ds and his twitter account to learn more

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#2Sticky Re: E3 Pre Nintendo Direct on 2012-06-03, 22:22

cool cant wait for this to ahow

#3Sticky Re: E3 Pre Nintendo Direct on 2012-06-03, 23:40

This presentation is more suited for people who love the use of social features, and other gimmicks as seen on stuff like smart phones and tablets.
Not much information was given to satisfy a gamer's curiosity. Though I suppose that's what E3 is for.

Good news Carey!

#4Sticky Re: E3 Pre Nintendo Direct on 2012-06-05, 03:26

Sweet news, but I don't understand why there cutting it, can someone explain? I hope nintendo isn't a drag this year.

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