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Has anyone here completed the game 100%?

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Site Staff
Title. I wanted to know if there are people here who finished the game at 100%. Saying 'Yes, I have.' doesn't prove anything. I want to see your stats (whatever ways you can show it to us). And of course, cheating is not counted. lol

I haven't myself because it is quite hard tbh. Getting the 1 HP trophy alone will drive you nuts especially with the directional control there's only left, up, right, down, and diagonals.

I had once. I'd give you my stats and such, but the save file got corrupted. Here's a nice life lesson: Never, I repeat NEVER, leave your DS on a table with a small child nearby and not expect said child to drop or otherwise mess with it.
The hardest was trying to find a way to get all those Avatar Sectors with 1 copy of the game and a Wii with Nintendo Channel.

No. I just need 20 dalmatians.

My Completion:

Trophies: 30/30
Collection: 99%
Story 100%
Enemy Profiles: 100%
Character Files: 100%
(If you don't believe me, I can show it to you )

I only need D-Firaga, which you get after you get 99 dalmatians.

I love completing games <3 <3

Lord Terra
I have yet to. The game is easy enough as it is, but I don't have the game anymore.

Espeically on beginners mode.

I have but not 100% though entirely. ;(


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